icinga2/nagios script for checking the status of a mdadm RAID using /proc/mdstat
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This script reads from /sys/block/$md/md/ to get the status of a RAID devices.

Other than check_md_raid and [check_md_raid updated](https://exchange.icinga.com/jasem/check_md_raid updated/) the data is not taken from /proc/mdstat which is less machine readable. Also not all RAIDs are checked simulataneously but only one specific. This gives the possibility to query some "performance" data and later add more granular checks.


  • --raid | -r: Name of the RAID, e.g. md0
  • --input | -i: Input base directory. Defaults to /sys/block/
  • --debug | -d: More debugging output, cannot be used with icinga2


  • CRITICAL: if any device failed
  • CRITICAL: if the state of the RAID is not active/started
  • CRITICAL: if the number of active devices is smaller than the number of configured devices.
  • WARNING: when recoverying/resyncing

Known issues