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Read Homebank XML files

Updated 4 weeks ago

Icinga2 check script for nmap port scans

Updated 3 months ago

Icinga2/Nagios check program for Raspberry Pi temperature

Updated 4 months ago

Check a GPG key for expiration

Updated 9 months ago

A script for icinga2 to check whether the system has to be rebooted

Updated 9 months ago

icinga2/nagios script for checking the status of a mdadm RAID using /proc/mdstat

Updated 2 years ago

Sending Icinga 2 notifications via Telegram!

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 3 years ago

Postfix-Mail-Account Management Script

Updated 4 years ago

Rearranges the parts of a large wallpaper to make it display correctly on multiple desktops

Updated 6 years ago

Updated 7 years ago

Integration of the Modbus-TCP protocol into Vector CANoe.

Updated 7 years ago

C# application that reacts on system changes

Updated 7 years ago